Dear fellow human on Your Path,

I saw enough pain and suffering in this world. I saw enough people being stuck in one emotional place or although having a lot of good conditions, being unsatisfied. I saw enough people disjointed from their dreams, losing themselves in their daily lives, that I want to actively contribute to a change. I invite You to join me on the pilgrimage of the Heart. Let´s create together a world of peace and connection. My wish is to start an online learning community with regular meetings where we would do simple meditation exercises for contributing to inner peace and in small steps to learn to assist conflict resoultions of many sorts. In this way we contribute also to outer peace. For me this is a path of finding peace and bringing peace.
The meeting would be in English and online, so You can join from any corner of the world as long as you have internet connection. The course is built on my years of personal experience and training in meditation, on the experience of my work as a psychotherapist and psychiatrist assisting many people through times of major crisis, my passion and training in conflict resolutions and many other teachings. I´ve been inspired by Miki Kashtan, Ike Lastaer and John Kinyon, Carl Rogers, Marshall Rosenberg, Steven Hayes, also from Buddhist and non Buddhist contemplative and meditation teachers.
I´m very commited to a society based on gifting. I want this course to be a gift. So it is free.
If You are interested and want to take part of this online meetings please sign up, by clicking here (its a Google Form)

With warmth and love
Günther Mild

p.s. share this post even if You won´t attend, so those who are interested can get access to these skills.
Thank You❤️