Choosing peace: simple steps for our daily life

A workshop with Ike Lasater and Günther Mild

When: Saturday, June 1st, 2019 from 4:30pm-9:30pm,  Where: Waldorfschule St. Georgen, Bergiselstr. 11, 79111 Freiburg-St. Georgen, Musiksaal 1 in the main building

The workshop will be held in English with a German translation.

We live in a time where our daily lives are filled with many tensions. These tensions can show up in painful fights or in separating us from one another silently. Courage and skills are needed in order to choose new ways. During this evening we will show simple steps that support peace.

Ike Lasater: as a former lawyer in the U.S., he now works as a mediator and as a mediation trainer in more than 20 countries, amongst them in Afghan refugee camps in post 9/11 Pakistan. He is the author of many books on inner and outer peace, such as “When Your Mind Sabotages Your Dreams”. To learn more go to

Günther Mild: is a former monk and practicing doctor with many years of working in the fields of psychotherapy and psychiatry. By offering this event he wishes to pass on his skills and experiences in order to contribute in a meaningful way to a more peaceful world.

The event is a gift. Donations for the room are welcome without expectations.  it makes me easier to plan if sign up here 

Workshop from 21-24.03 in Celleno, Italian and English

With two good friends, Eduardo and Cistina,  we are oranizing three Workshops  about Vulenrabilitys This will be on Italian and English. If You want more information please fill out this google Form 


The topic is to contact our on vulnerability. The Workshop is based on the priniple of gifting and gift economy. For the Accomodation still there are fees thorugh Il Cpnvento or You can organise for yourself an accomodation arround Celleno (